CEAS 2015 Conference

Short information about the 5th European CEAS Conference on Aviation and Space Technologies (Air & Space Conference)

5th European Air & Space Conference was held in Delft in the Netherlands on 7-11 September. Just like 4 previous conferences, this one was also hosted by  CEAS (Council of European Aerospace Societies). Previous conferences were held in Berlin (2007), Manchester (2009), Venice (2011) and Linköping (2013). During the conference, 175 papers from 25 countries were presented, as well as 7 plenary lectures, held by 2 or sometimes 3 speakers from different research institutes, government agendas or industry. The number of registered participants was over 500. Two Workshops, one of AFloNEXT project, the other organised by EWADE (European Workshop for Aircraft Design Education), were joined with the conference. Most lectures were prepared by European authors, although several presentations by non-european institutes were also noted. Polish lectures were notable, prepared mainly by the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering (Warsaw University of Technology) and researchers from other facilities. Regrettably, it should be noted that hosts did not take enough care of choosing proper session leaders, which was probably a result of random Polish representation in the so called Conference Science Committee. This matter was discussed during CEAS Trustees Board meeting by our representatives.

On the CEAS Trustees Board meeting, the location of next CEAS conference was also chosen. In the decisive second secret voting, Warsaw proposed by PSAA got 5 votes and Bucharest proposed by AAAR (Asociatia Aeronauticâ si Astronauticâ a României) got 6 votes. Moscow proposed by the Russians got only 1 vote in the first voting, but this one vote turned out to be decisive in the second voting.

The scientific level of the conference should be regarded as high, after every lecture serious discussions on presented matters were held. The plenary lectures, which got a lot of attention, were on especially high level. More detailed information about the conference (including many lecture abstracts) can be found on CEAS website (http://www.ceas2015.org/).

ICAS Programme Committee Meeting – 2015

ICAS Programme Committee Meeting, hosted by PSAA, was held in Kraków, on August 30th – September 3th, 2015.

“Complex Systems Integration in Aeronautics” was the focus of the biennial workshop of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) held in Krakow, Poland on 31 August 2015. Full presentations made by leading aerospace industry experts are available (see www.icas.org). More…

5th CEAS Air & Space Conference Challenges in European aerospace: Register now!

From 7-11 September 2015 the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS) will organize its fifth Air and Space Conference. CEAS represents 12 European Aerospace Societies with in total about 35.000 individual members. The theme of the 5th CEAS Air and Space Conference is “Challenges in European Aerospace”.

There will be 7 Panel Sessions with high-ranking keynote speakers from Airbus, Fokker, ESTEC, Air France/KLM, the Association of European Airlines, CleanSky, SESAR, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, NLR, DLR-ACARE, TU Delft, European Defence Agency and the Royal Netherlands Air Force will present and discuss the Challenges in European Aerospace.  In addition to that over 200 technical experts of 26 countries will present their latest achievements. The conference programme can be downloaded here!

The conference will be held in the Aula Conference Centre of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

The combination of a Technical University, the pleasant old town of Delft, good accessibility and perfect equipment, makes Delft an outstanding venue for this event.

The CEAS Air and Space Conference 2015 will be a unique opportunity to communicate, share and debate the latest developments, innovative concepts and technical solutions in the aerospace domain to meet and discuss with the keynote speakers, technical experts and students.

Technical Tours to ESA-ESTEC, Fokker Aerostructures, the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR and the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of TU Delft will provide the opportunity to get acquainted with the Netherlands aerospace industry, research, testing infrastructure and education.

The welcome reception in the botanical gardens and the conference dinner at a paddle steamer through the Rotterdam harbour will provide ample possibilities for networking in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Read more on our website http://www.ceas2015.org/.

CEAS 2015 will be hosted by the Netherlands Association of Aerospace Engineers NVvL in close cooperation with the Delft University of Technology, the Society of Aerospace Students TU Delft – Leonardo da Vinci VSV and ESA-ESTEC.

I hope to welcome you in Delft in September 2015!

Fred Abbink, chairman of the NVvL and President of CEAS

ICAS-2016 Call for Papers

For over 55 years now, the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) has provided for the world’s aerospace engineers, scientists, technologists and managers, the pre-eminent forum to present and discuss the latest developments in aeronautics. This remarkable apolitical organization founded by Theodore von Kármán and his international colleagues, continues to build on its impressive heritage, to be even more relevant to the global aerospace industries. This world congress staged biennially by ICAS is the key opportunity for those committed to serving those industries to meet, present, discuss and create opportunities that can only be done in such an international environment.

The pace of technological developments and the diversity of business challenges facing those working in aeronautics are greater than ever today. The knowledge, skills, facilities and finance necessary to progress our profession and associated businesses are no longer found in one place or even close to home. Therefore, in such an environment with seemingly limitless availability of unfiltered information from a diversity of sources, ICAS Congresses represent unique opportunities every two years to learn and interact with the leaders in the field from around 40 countries.

The topics addressed at ICAS Congresses are typically diverse and reflections of the challenges and opportunities of the day. The foundations of the industry, the aeronautical disciplines of aerodynamics and performance, stability and control, materials and structures, and propulsion and systems, always feature strongly, however every Congress brings new topics. In recent times, there has been considerable growth in sessions on air traffic management and systems, manufacturing and the supply chain, safety and security, and of course the environment and operations. As we prepare for the next Congress, it is clear that there will again be increased focus on unmanned air vehicles and systems, and operational challenges for the global air transport system.

The 30th ICAS Congress is to be held in Daejeon, and this is the first time the Congress will be held in Korea. Following the great success of the most recent Congress held in St. Petersburg, Russia, for which a record number of abstracts were submitted, we anticipate that there will be very strong interest in participating in this next historic meeting.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we invite you to consider participating in the 30th ICAS Congress, and at this time, to commence the preparation of an abstract detailing your most important work conducted over the past two-year period. As a guide to authors, the list of ICAS 2016 topic headings is appended. However, this list should not be regarded as exhaustive and papers from other relevant areas are welcome.

Please visit our website http://www.icas.org/ for more information about the abstract upload procedure.

We look forward to receiving your abstract and to welcoming you in Daejeon in 2016.

Christian Mari                               Susan Ying
President Chair                              Programme Committee