On the 14th of March 2016, the General Assembly of the Polish Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics was held at the Institute of Aviation, in Warsaw.

Before the Assembly started, the Management Board of the Association had met, comprised of:
Prof. Witold Wiśniowski – Chairman
Prof. Mirosław Rodzewicz – Vice-Chairman
Prof. Aleksander Olejnik – Chairman of Review Panel
Prof. Jacek Szumbarski – Treasurer

The members of the Management Board went through the activity and financial reports of the Association for the year 2015. Next, the current list of the Association membership was reviewed. Finally, the motions regarding the new resolutions were put on the table and later voted and adopted during the General Assembly.

At the beginning of the Assembly, its Chairman prof. Witold Wiśniowski greeted the gathered members, opening the meeting.

Next, the presentation on the activity and achievements of the Institute of Aviation was given by Rafał Kajka, Ph.D. – the Deputy Director of the Institute.

Following that presentation, prof. Andrzej Żyluk, the Secretary of the Management Board of PSAA took the floor to present the report on the activity of the Association in the period 13.03.2015 – 14.03.2016. The report included, inter alia: the number of meetings held by the Management Board and the number of adopted resolutions. Prof. Żyluk also presented the accomplishments of the Association  in 2015 both, in Poland and abroad.

The next speaker was prof. Tomasz Goetzendorf-Grabowski who told the audience about the READ 2016 conference (Research and Education in Aircraft Design), which will take place at the Institute of Aviation in September this year. He underlined the event’s rank, scope and significance among fellow scholars, both in Poland and worldwide.

Following prof. Goetzendorf-Grabowski’s short speech, the Treasurer of PSAA, prof. Jacek Szumbarski presented in details the financial report for the year 2015.

Finally, the Chairman of the Review Panel, prof. Aleksander Olejnik read out the protocol of the Review Panel.

During the General Assembly, 2 new resolutions were voted and adopted:

Resolution no. 1/2016 of General Assembly of PSAA Members on the Report of Management Board and Review Panel for the Year 2015.

Resolution no. 2/2016 of General Assembly of PSAA Members on the Use of Excess Revenue from the Year 2015.

Closing up the General Assembly, the members discussed current issues and problems. It was requested to pay more attention to regular attendance during the assemblies and regular payment of the membership fees. The PSAA website admin also underlined the importance of the Association webpage and the proper update of its content. One of the members also proposed the idea of nominating special coordinators from the entities associated in PSAA, whose task would be to promote the Association more strongly among its existing as well as potentially future members. This concept was also broadened by a suggestion to create a special section at the PSAA website that would consist of the bios of all its members.

Last but not least, prof. Aleksander Olejnik informed the gathered members about the attempts of the national academia to have the new scientific discipline officially established – Aviation and Aerospace. Summing up the meeting, he also pointed out that the objectives and mission of the Polish Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics should be more broadly propagated within the institutions belonging to PSAA.